Without a doubt on how to Replace a fresh atmosphere Conditioner Receiver Drier

Without a doubt on how to Replace a fresh atmosphere Conditioner Receiver Drier

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The receiver/drier is made to keep and A/C that is dry refrigerant. There clearly was an inside that is desiccant absorbs dampness from the refrigerant. Receiver/driers are employed in expansion valve prepared A/C systems.

It will be the working work of this receiver/drier to guard the remainder A/C system against moisture harm. The bag that is desiccant just hold a finite level of dampness. The receiver/drier should be replaced if too much water gets into the system. The receiver/drier also needs to be changed if it leaks, is clogged or the A/C compressor has been changed ( as a preventive measure).

indications of a receiver/drier that is failed desiccant into the A/C system, dampness within the system, ice build through to the receiver/drier or perhaps a heat fall amongst the device inlet and socket.

Component 1 of 3: find the receiver/drier

So that you can properly and effectively substitute your A/C receiver/drier a couple is needed by you of fundamental tools:

  • Complimentary repair manuals – Autozone provides free online repair manuals for many makes and models
  • Protective gloves
  • Chilton fix manuals (optional)
  • Security eyeglasses

Step one: find the receiver/drier. The receiver/drier is based involving the situated on the high-pressure part associated with A/C system amongst the condenser and evaporator.

Component 2 of 3: take away the receiver/drier

Step one: Have the refrigerant recovered by an expert. The A/C refrigerant must be removed from the system before the receiver/drier can be replace. This might simply be carried out by a expert using an evacuation device.

Step two: Disconnect the negative battery pack cable. Disconnect the negative battery pack cable by having a wrench of ratchet. Then set it up apart.

Step 3: eliminate any connections that are electrical the receiver/drier.

Step four: Disconnect the lines through the receiver/drier. Disconnect the lines through the receiver/drier utilizing a wrench. Cap the relative lines off to avoid contamination.

  • Note: the majority of the time the receiver/drier may have flarenut fixtures which will be eliminated by having a flarenut wrench to prevent rounding down.

Action 5: eliminate the receiver/drier. Eliminate any fasteners securing the receiver/drier and eliminate it through the car.

Component 2 of 3: Installing the brand new receiver/drier

Step one: assess the quantity of oil within the receiver/drier. Gauge the number of oil into the old receiver/drier by pouring it in to a glass that is graduated.

If http://www.besthookupwebsites.net/blackpeoplemeet-review oil has released out from the system, utilize the manufacturer’s suggested add up to refill the receiver/drier.

Step two: include oil to your receiver/drier. Include the appropriate number of oil, as determined through the past action.

Most A/C systems use PAG oil, but a couple of usage polyol Glycol, therefore it important to find out which will be found in your car or truck.

Step three: change the pressure line o-rings. Eliminate the oil o-rings through the A/C force lines with a tiny screwdriver.

Some receiver/driers comes with replacement o-rings, or your can replacements from your own neighborhood automobile components store.

Lubricate the brand new o-rings with refrigerant oil and slip them into destination.

Step: Install the receiver/drier. Lower the receiver/drier that is new place, reinstall any mounting fasteners and tighten up them down.

Step 5: Reinstall the lines. Reinstall the lines and tighten along the fasteners

Action 6: Reinstall the connectors that are electrical. Reinstall any electric connectors.

Action 7: Reconnect the battery cable that is negative.

Action 8: have recharge that is professional system. Have actually the operational system recharged by an expert.

If every thing went consequently, you ought to are in possession of air cold A/C. The team at YourMechanic offers expert receiver/drier replacement if after reading this article you feel like leaving this job to the professionals.

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