Tests Precautions

To collect the sample properly and obtain accurate results, patients should follow these precautions when collecting the sample.

Fasting Blood Sugar Test

Fasting For 8 Hours Is Required.

2-hour postprandial blood sugar test

It Is Required To Elapse Two Hours From The Start Of The Meal Finish The Meal From 10 To 15 Minutes While Taking Treatment, If Any

Blood Glucose Curve

The Fasting Blood Sample Is Withdrawn Followed By Taking 75 Grams Glucose And Then The Blood Samples Are Withdrawn Every Half Hour And For Two Hours.

Sullivan test

50 G Glucose Is Taken And Then We Withdraw A Sample After An Hour.


The Sample For A Fasting Test Requires 10-12 Hours Of Fasting. As For Testing After Eating, That Is Done After Fasting For 10-12 Hours, Then Withdrawing A Sample Two Hours After The Beginning Of Consuming 75 Grams Of Glucose Or A Complete Meal, And The Patient Must Finish The Meal In 10-15 Minutes.

Blood Lipids

Fasting Is Required For 12-14 Hours

Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate

Fasting Is Not Required


The Morning Test Is Performed At 9 Am And The Other Is At 9 Pm


- The test is done at 9 a.m
- Avoid muscle exertion and exercise 12 hours before the test
- Have low amounts of sugars 48 hours before the test


The Test Is Not Performed In The Case Of Laparoscopy, Catheter, Or Rectal Examination Of The Prostate Until 10 Days Have Passed.


It Is Required That The Test Not To Be Performed Immediately After The Blood Transfusion Or A Relapse Preferably After 3-4 Weeks Of Blood Transfusion


The Patient Must Not Have Smoked Before The Test Is Performed

Anti-epileptic drugs

- The test is done before taking the trough dose
- The test is done after 2 hours of the peak dose


The Sample Should Be Taken On The Second Or Third Day Of The Menstrual Cycle, Or As Directed By Your Physician


Be Awake From Sleep For At Least Three Hours.

Urine Culture

It Is Required To Wash The Hand And Genitals With Soap And Water, Disinfect The Urine Opening With Dettol Disinfectant ) And Then Wash Again With Water To Remove The Excess Disinfectant Put The First Part Of The Urine In The Toilet And Collect The Rest In The Sterile Pot Provided By The Lab. Preferably The Incubation Period Of Urine Inside The Bladder From 2 Hours To 6 Hours (Morning Sample) Refrain From Taking Antibiotics For 48 Hours


Urine must be collected over 24 hours, and medications (nasal drops, sinuses, coughing drugs, bronchodilators, or appetite suppressants, depression drugs, heart medications, and hypertension medications (after the physician's permission) must be stopped for a week before collecting the sample

During the assembly, you must stop smoking and eat: tea - coffee - chocolate - bananas - nuts - cola -vanilla- citrus fruits such as orange & lemon

Stool Culture

It's Better To Refrain From Antibiotics For 48 Hours. Put The Sample In A Sterile Container From The Lab

Fecal occult blood test (FOBT)

For 48 Hours, The Patient Should Refrain From Having All Kinds Of Meat, Liver, Radish, Rheumatism Medications, Or Drugs Containing Aspirin, Vitamin C, Cortisone, Or Iron, And Laxatives Are Not Allowed The Patient Should Not Clean His Teeth On The Day Of The Sample Collection Or In Case Of Presence Of Gum Wounds

Helicobacter Pylori

It Is Required To Stop Taking Antibiotics, Antacids, And Stomach Ulcer Medicines For At Least Two Weeks The Sample Must Be Brought In A Cup Taken From The Lab If The Sample Is Done Outside The Lab, Please Bring It Within A Maximum Of Half An Hour

24-Hour Urine Collection

The Patient Empties The Bladder Into The Toilet And Records The Time, Then Assembles Any Urine After That In A Suitable Clean, Dry, And Sufficient Bottle For Collection. The Urine Continues To Be Collected Until The Same Time The Assembly Was Started From The Next Day And The Urine Is Kept In The Refrigerator Until It Is Sent To The Lab.

Fasting Before Test Requires:

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