She switched round so instantly that she discovered herself sitting on the ground, and looking at her spouse with troubled eyes, she stated:

She switched round so instantly that she discovered herself sitting on the ground, and looking at her spouse with troubled eyes, she stated:

“What will it be, Cacheux? Someone has taken a bunny?”

“The big gray one.”

“What a shame! Who are able to have inked it?”

She had been just a little, slim, active, neat girl, whom knew exactly about farming. Lecacheur had his very own tips about the situation.

“It should be that fellow, Polyte.”

Their spouse got up abruptly and stated in a furious sound:

“He did it! It was done by him! You’ll need perhaps perhaps not search for any one else. It was done by him! you have got stated it, Cacheux!”

All her peasant’s fury, all her avarice, all her rage of a saving woman contrary to the man of who she had for ages been dubious, and contrary to the girl who she had constantly suspected, revealed on their own within the contraction of her lips, additionally the lines and wrinkles when you look at the cheeks and forehead of her slim, exasperated face.

“And exactly just exactly what maybe you have done?” she asked.

“i’ve delivered when it comes to gendarmes.”

This Polyte had been a laborer, who was simply used from the farm for some times, and who had previously been dismissed by Lecacheur for an answer that is insolent. He had been a vintage soldier, and had been expected to have retained their practices of marauding and debauchery from their promotions in Africa. He did such a thing for the livelihood, but whether he had been a mason, a navvy, a reaper, whether he broke stones or lopped trees, he had been constantly sluggish, and thus he stayed nowhere for very long, and had, from time to time, to improve their community to get work.

Through the very first time which he had committed the theft that he came to the farm, Lecacheur’s wife had detested him, and now she was sure.

The two gendarmes arrived in about half an hour. Brigadier Senateur ended up being extremely thin and tall, and Gendarme Lenient brief and fat. Lecacheur made them sit back, and told them the event, after which they went and saw the scene of this theft, to be able to confirm the known undeniable fact that the hutch was in fact broken available, and also to gather most of the proofs they might. If they got in towards the home, the mistress brought in some wine, filled their eyeglasses, and asked having a distrustful appearance:

“Shall you catch him?”

The brigadier, that has their blade between their feet, showed up thoughtful. Truly, he had been certain of using him, if he had been pointed off to him, however, if maybe not, he could not respond to if you are in a position to learn him, himself, and after showing for a long period, he place this simple concern:

“Do you understand the thief?”

And Lecacheur responded, with a look of Normandy slyness in their eyes:

“As for knowing him, i actually do perhaps not, when I failed to see him commit the theft. If I experienced seen him, i ought to are making him consume it natural, epidermis and flesh, without having a fall of cider to clean it straight down. But in terms of saying whom it really is, I are not able to, it is the fact that good-for-nothing Polyte. although we believe”

He then related at size their problems with Polyte, their leaving their solution, their bad reputation, things that have been told him, collecting insignificant and minute proofs, after which, the brigadier, who was simply paying attention really attentively while he emptied their cup and filled it once more having an indifferent atmosphere, considered their gendarme and stated:

“We must go and appearance into the cottage of Severin’s wife.” Of which the gendarme smiled and nodded 3 times.

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