Highest Degree Of Accuracy In Medical Tests

we do care about you and your health, so we provide reliable, timely, and most accurate medical tests. Besides, we offer a home visit service as if you're in the lab to save your time and effort.


About Us

Safwet Eskendria is a Medical Laboratory founded in Alexandria intending to bridge the large gap in the field of medical tests between laboratories offering high-precision medical tests and good medical service, but at high prices that are not affordable for most people, and between other labs that provide low-priced tests, but at the expense of accuracy and medical service. Our lab offers a wide array of medical tests to its clients using the latest medical testing equipment, high tech machines and diagnostic techniques, and following the most famous quality control programs through a group of highly qualified and experienced medical specialists, yet at very competitive prices that are convenient for all classes.

At Safwet Eskendria lab, we do care about you and your health, so we provide reliable, timely, and most accurate medical tests. Besides, we offer a home visit service as if you’re in the lab to save your time and effort. We have got a highly qualified & competent medical staff to ensure our service is provided with high quality & safety measures that meet customers’ needs & expectations.

Know More About Our Staff Through The Following:

Dr. / Islam Al-Mekkawy:

  • A Medical Analysis Specialist
  • Holds a postgraduate diploma in medical analysis
  • Researcher of Applied Medical Chemistry ( Medical Research Institute- University of Alexandria)
  • A member of the Society of Pathological Biochemistry and Hematology.

The staff consists of a superior group of academically qualified medical laboratory specialists with high competencies and experience.


We believe that the Egyptian people deserve to receive a special medical service without any discrimination regardless of their financial level, and out of this genuine concern, we strive to maintain the highest standards of laboratory services and health awareness to better serve our client through:

Putting The Patient And His Needs At The Top Of Our Priorities

Providing High-Quality Laboratory Services Using The Latest Technology And Quality Control Programs.

Responding To The Needs Of Customers And The Speed Of Delivering Service.

Offering Advanced Educational Programs And Training To Keep Up With The Latest Developments In The Sciences And Techniques Of The Medical Tests And International Medical Services

Communicating Constantly And Effectively With The Community To Spread Health Awareness Through All Social Media Platforms.

Making Healthcare Accessible To Everyone To Guarantee The Health Of The People We Serve.

WHy Us?

Tests Packages

Comprehensive laboratory tests are very important, and some aspects of their importance can be indicated as follows:

  • Diagnosis of health problems and disorders: Modern techniques are used to conduct laboratory tests aimed at obtaining accurate and specific results and information, which affects the diagnosis of the patient’s condition and the clinical decisions to be made later.
  • Impact on treatment methods: Test results play a role in making decisions about the effectiveness of treatment and control over chronic diseases, determining drug doses, as well as assessing the patient’s current ability to undergo certain types of treatments in order to ensure that their effect is safe.

First: “Etmaa’en” Programs

Second: Special Programs

Contact Us

If you have any inquiries or looking for more information, please don’t hesitate to contact us on:
Mobile: 01550420582
Landline: 035579740

Address: Al Mandarah Bahari, Sidi Kamal street, Al Salam tower