Blood Lipids (4 Tests)

It is normal to have fat in human blood, but if the amount of fat exceeds the normal rate, it leads to accumulation on the walls of the blood vessels which contributes to its hardening and this is dangerous, because it increases blood pressure and exposes the heart to many health risks such as high blood pressure, the occurrence of blood clots, chronic kidney failure, strokes, and heart, which lead to death and in long-term adversely affect the nervous system, and also lose the arteries’ ability and flexibility in their functions known as atherosclerosis. In addition to the occurrence of serious diseases of the coronary arteries responsible for feeding the heart causing angina, so it is important to maintain the cholesterol rate because if it is high, it transfers fats from the liver to the blood, and when it is lower than normal, it transfers fats from the blood to the liver, So we offer you some important tests 

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